Bruni Banani Vom Sachsen Adel

Bruni vandt BIM, hvor Milkyway Miniature Manolito (Michael Bergmann) vandt BIR. Billedet er taget af Michael Bergmann.

Bruni is our first Miniature Bull Terrier and our "first" love. She is a super happy girl with 98 % couch potato and 2 % torpedo. She is part of our family and she loves to be with us, cuddle in the couch, help rebuilding the house, garden work etc. :-)

In short, Bruni is a social, healthy and very fun mini girl and a super family dog.

Call name: Bruni

Gender: Bitch
Reg. nr: DK091652011
DOB: 08.07.2009

Breeder: Steffi Miesl, "Vom Sachsen Adel" - Germany

PLL Clear

37 cm

Doppler test (heart scan): Normal

Sire: Little Chili Pepper's Woody Woodpecker

Dam: Schmidpeter's Jowa

2 x CAC