BullieQueen's Addison

Addison a.k.a. "Eddie Møller Thomsen" is a lovely boy with a heart of gold, he is always happy and loves to meet other dogs and people. In contrast to the girls he loves long walks, preferably with a lot of speed and action and with no regards to the weather. Furthermore, he loves to meet other dogs and people. However, the little rocket also has "no-action-at-all" gear and he loves to be the centre of attention and to cuttle on the couch.

Addison lived with us from birth and until June 2015. He now lives with Line and Dennis in Aalborg and here he enjoys to join Line and Dennis at job, meet new dog friends and relax on the couch :-)

Gender: Dog
Reg. no.: DK15214/2012

DOB: 12.08.2012

Breeder: Bibbi & Michael Jensen

Lives with: Line Møller Thomsen

PLL Clear

Size: 40 cm

Sire: Multi Ch. Potsu de Notsu Arcibald Attila

Dam: Bruni Banani Vom Sachsen Adel

Not for breeding