BullieQueen's Apple a.k.a. Bodil

Bodil is from our first litter and daughter for Bruni and Attila and with regards to both exterior and personality we believe that she has some of her best traits from them both. She is our little athlete and would be able to act as mountain goat if that - for some reason - should be nescessary. As a true Miniature Bull Terrier she loves to be with us, children or just people in general. On the couch she prefers to stay under the blanket and walks are nice as long as it's not raining.

In June 2015 Bodil passed all her health tests and a litter/planned mating in 2015/2016 is being planned. As soon as we know more it will be posted under Planned Litter 2015/2016.

Gender: Bitch

Reg. no: DK15215/2012

DOB: 12.08.2012

Breeder: Bibbi & Michael Jensen

PLL: Carrier (DNA test by AHT)

Size: 36 cm


Sire: Multi Ch. Potsu de Notsu Arcibald Attila

Dam: Bruni Banani Vom Sachsen Adel

Shows: None yet


Examined at the Veterinary Cardiology Clinic at the University of Copenhagen by Associate Professor Jørgen Koch


Heart (ausculation & doppler/ultrasound scan): normal

Kidneys (ultrasound scan for PKD, UPC, Urea, Crea): normal

Patella Luxation: normal